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I'll be attending my first Anthrocon this year! AND in a fursuit!

I bought this one!

Even has a video

I'll be with Carrot Who's been a super awesome bro in picking it up and sorting all of this mess out for me.. I guess it'll either be me or him inside hahahaha

Could be fun? Dunno.. Not a great fan of people, socializing, touching etc lol..  

Actually been after a fursuit for 8yrs or something now, nothing specific just something cute =3

Probably never use it again after this BUT DAT EXPERIENCE

Maybe a non-pony one isn't so.. you know.. 

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DShou Featured By Owner Edited 6 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Ayo, stray comment over here, but just wanted to say it again (since it's been a while since the last time) that I love your work (I still got one of your old prints up on my wall), and you've been one if not my first main inspiration for my artwork and drawing style. Been checkin' out the art on your IB too, heh, still gotta get around to properly making accounts other than dA and Tumblr later.

Anyways least I can say is I wish ya well, and I hope ya have a good day and all that!
SmittyG Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Thank you :O
SummersetBanjo Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2015
Hey, glad to see you back. Always liked your Gilda & Zoe art pics. I was afraid you weren't going to draw again after what happen last time.
Caribou-lou Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2015
Ayy Gilda came back. WHERE'S THE PORN?
Kidding. I do miss you though. Need to catch up on lps though.
Hope you're well, just came to make the joke mostly so yeah.
SmittyG Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2015
Here you go, Merry Christmas
Dreadmaster231 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
"guess whose back, back again, smittys back, tell some men"
psinoob Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2015
Where are you now?
SmittyG Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2015
At home!

Art wise? always
Hexstream Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2015
Hello, just wanted to say, you're the best clop artist, or at least my favorite. (And also you got Skipsy going, my second favorite clop artist.)

I'm greatly disturbed by what little I've gleaned from your story. Please don't mind the tumblr retards. What they think does not, or should not, matter. (Of course getting your account deleted fucking sucks on its own... There's something to be said for having one's own website.) I don't comprehend why you'd Delete Fucking Everything like that "just because" of whatever things whoever said, though that's probably because of how little I know about your story.

I hope you'll return. It seems highly unlikely to happen, but it's a tragedy when the haters win, and that can only happen when we let them. You don't have to care what retards think.

(My message is fairly pointless I guess but to me this is the single biggest and most disturbing tragedy in the fandom. The biggest loss. I mean it.)
SmittyG Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2015
Man.. i left like, hell i don't even know how long ago.. 2-3yrs?
Sure having tumblr deleted loads sucked, but i was barely holding on interest wise to pony at that point..
I'm thankful pony got me into drawing and stuff, and i thank people for liking my stuff to drive me to keep drawing..
But i mean common there's hundreds of pony artists still, sure its mostly futa, anthro realistic horse parts BS sitting behind patreon paywalls, but that's the crap you all seem to want now, you dug your own graves...

At the end of the day, there is almost 100% no chance i would draw ponies again; Gilda, sure i draw her sometimes (usually never past rough sketches though) i just choose not to post cause i don't want to be a *pony* artist or known for it again.
I like feral stuff, fur, paws, fluffy tails etc.. pony ticks none of this.. they've gross horse hair, horse tails and suction cup limbs...

Anyway; thank's for the msg, heres another Gilda for your loss:
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